ben_smith_paleo_to_go_reviewI train all day, and it’s tough for me to find time to meal prep and cook.
Paleo To-Go does the job for me, keeping me going throughout the day and between workouts with quick and easy, great tasting meals. My favorites for lunch are the chicken salad and the Cajun bacon sliders with sweet potatoes.

I’m actually having one as I’m writing this 🙂 Thank you Paleo to Go!!

Ben Smith 2015 CrossFit Games Champion, Owner CrossFit Kryton

shari_langrall_paleo_to_go_reviewWe love Paleo To-Go meals at CrossFit Tidewater.  If you are looking for fresh, tasty entrees for a reasonable price, delivered straight to your door or gym location, you cannot beat Paleo To-Go.  The meals are all prepared local, made from fresh, quality ingredients.  Paleo To-Go meals allow you to eat clean, whole foods, to better fuel you for optimal performance in the gym.  Did I mention how tasty they were?  All meals are full of flavor!! Try them – you won’t be disappointed!

Shari Langrall – Shari is the Owner-Operator at CrossFit Tidewater

ben_eaton_paleo_to_go_reviewPaleo To-Go is definitely a no-brainer for athletes and small business owners who are constantly on the move, but are cognizant of the importance of optimal nutrition.  Not only is it my first choice for the fuel to keep me going at a high capacity, but also for the incredible taste and variety of meals.  Life happens and my wife I and I can’t always prepare all our own healthy meals. Instead of making that easy but fatal mistake of fast food, we choose Paleo-to-Go! Fuel that tastes great and keeps us going strong!

Ben Eaton – Ben is the owner and operator of the Jiu-Jitsu Institute in Yorktown, VA

david_marmon_paleo_to_go_reviewPaleo To-Go has eliminated every excuse for not eating clean! Their meals are delicious, affordable, and constantly evolving. Their delivery service is timely, convenient, and accurate. Most importantly, their customer service is first class!

David Marmon – David is the owner, President & Head Coach at Marmon Muscle: Home of CrossFit Williamsburg

armondo_tressa_austin_schoener_paleo_to_go_reviewPaleo To-Go has been a great addition to our lifestyle. We have enjoyed the variety of food offered and the timely delivery to the Box. The staff is always on top of their game making sure everything is taken care of. Not only does the food tasting amazing but the best thing for us was the convenience of a healthy meal already prepared to fit our busy lifestyle. Looking forward to the new menu items!

Armando, Tressa and Austin – Mondo is the owner and Head Coach at CrossFit 1781

andy_gallego_paleo_to_go_reviewAs an athlete I love the fact that I can get ready made meals that are of the highest quality and freshness. As a coach/trainer it’s an valuable resource I can recommend to my athletes. As a gym owner its been great having a service that puts our members first. Paleo To-Go all the way!

Andy Gallego, Owner of CrossFit Takeover – Andy is a lover of sparkling water, the LA Lakers, Gillian and Grayson

gillian_gallego_paleo_to_go_reviewI have tried a couple of other prepared meals and Paleo To Go is by far the best I have tried! They do a really great job with their sauces and flavor of the food…Especially that Chicken Salad! When I am on duty the meals are very convenient on my busy week when their is no time to prep food.

Gillian Gallego – Gilli is a Chesapeake Firefighter & EMT and has been a coach at CrossFit Takeover since 2010


Paleo to go is awesome! Ran by local folks who grow their own food!
Simply the best quality of food made by the best people around! Super convenient and worth the money!

Corinna Benz – Corinna is an active duty member in the United States Navy, is a highly competitive exerciser at CrossFit Takeover #teamtakeover

soki_bryant_paleo_to_go_reviewLove the quality of the food at Paleo To-Go and the staff has always been amazing!

Soki (no last name needed)


Paleo To-Go meals provide me with the quality nutrition that I need to fuel me through long days and does so through meals that are more delicious than anything I could make at home.   I have come to rely on the service to handle the hassle of meal prep for me.  The food is absolutely delicious by any standards not just “good for Paleo food”.   Paleo To-Go makes my life easier and continues to provide me with food that exceeds my expectations for pre packed fresh meals.  I would recommend their meals to anyone, elite level CrossFit athletes or someone just wanting to eat a little healthier.

Kristin V. — Kristin is an associate at Knowesis Inc. one of the Country’s leading Analytics and Information Management firms. She is also a Coach @CrossFit Fairfax


The Paleo To-Go team prepares some of the highest quality and most delicious ready-to-eat meals I’ve ever had, and they really care about the product they serve you.  When the operational tempo goes up, I choose Paleo To-Go to satisfy my hunger and fuel my life whether it’s serving my country,
community or throwing down with my friends at the box.

Marty Misjuns — Marty serves in the United States Coast Guard and works as a Pre-deployment Training Instructor

Paleo To-Go is a top notch organization from the ground up. The people running it and the products they produce are second to none! Their meals are delicious, nutritious, and extremely convenient. They are perfect for elite athletes looking to fuel their training as well as anyone who’s looking for a fresh take on healthy eating. Also, their merchandise is super sexy!! If you haven’t already tried some PTG, get some! You won’t regret it!

Jesse Campbell — Jesse is a semi-competitive exerciser and studies Exercise Physiology at Old Dominion University

eddie_van_es_paleo_to_go_reviewAs a medic fire fighter and an ER tech I’m constantly on the go and trying to fit in workouts with healthy food was rough until I started Paleo To-Go.
The bone broth helps me recover from work and training, the meals are the fuel I need to maintain for serving the community.

Eddie Van Es – Eddie is a paramedic/fire fighter for the City of Hampton, Va


Paleo To-Go offers a great variety of delicious paleo meals, hot and cold, for any meal of the day and they taste amazing. You can’t beat it with a stick (insert pic of caveman with big stick)!

Chas & Sharon — Chas and Sharon are local Hampton Roads residents, are Semi-Competitive exercisers & have been enjoying Paleo To-Go since its inception.


I have trained with Matt for 5 plus years, over that time I have been trying to eat better.
And then Matt got involved with Paleo To-Go which has helped me better prepare my meals, Paleo To-Go has been my lunch and dinner of choice for me for a while now. Great food with the proper portions, packaged so I can have then when I’m on the go daily.

Andy Call – Andy is the owner of Peninsula Property Inspections and retired as a Battalion Chief from the City of Hampton’s Fire Department


I absolutely love Paleo To-Go! The ingredients are fresh and delicious and the wide array of options is fantastic. Every meals tastes like I’m eating out at a restaurant, so it “feels” like a cheat meal but supports my workout goals!!!

Try the Eggs McShannon – they’re my favorite! 

Liz Mc. – Liz is a very active mother and currently serves in the United States Army


At Paleo To-Go we were able to get quality food with great ingredients that make eating healthy easy. The staff is always very responsive to questions and continue to create great eating options as well as provide great apparel to represent the Paleo To-Go brand in and out of the gym.

David Mc. – David works as an avid CrossFitter and Law Enforcement Officer in the City of Hampton, Va