After your first visit to our site you will automatically be logged in to your account when viewing from the same device.  If you login from a new device and have forgotten your password simply click “Forgot Your Password?” at the bottom of the page and you will be walked thru the reset process.
We delivery to drop spots and homes throughout Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Suffolk for Monday AND Thursday orders.  Williamsburg deliveries are only available for Thursday orders.
Orders for a Monday delivery must be submitted by 7pm on Friday and orders for a Thursday delivery must be submitted by 7pm on Tuesday.
When you place your order online the last step of the checkout process will be picking your delivery location.  You have the option of choosing your pick-up location. You can pickup at Sage Kitchen (Newport News, Virginia Beach), or any participating local drop spot (You do not have to be a member of these locations to pick up your meals there. Choose the location closest to your home. Check out the map!) OR have it delivered right to your doorstep! (Hampton Roads area ONLY).  We deliver overnight the morning of the pickup day.  Thus, your meals are ready for pickup at any point during your drop spots open hours on your selected delivery day.
We are now delivering freshly made Paleo To-Go meals right to your doorstep! Your meals will arrive overnight so that Monday and/or Thursday morning your order is waiting for you.  During the checkout process you can choose Home Delivery + Loaner Cooler ($12).  With this option we will provide a loaner cooler for your delivery.  You can also choose Home Delivery (I have my own cooler) for $10.  We provide ice with your delivery whether you use a loaner or your own cooler.
Yes! Choose A La Carte or 10 Meals for 10% off for a 1 time order!  There are no minimums with these options and you can choose drop spot pickup or home delivery.  Automatically receive 10% off with the 10 Meals or more option!
Sign up for a Monday delivery a Thursday delivery or both!  On the deadline day of  each delivery (Fridays for Monday and Tuesdays for Thursday) you will receive a text message with a direct link to your order.  The message will remind you to make any meal changes youd like or skip for the week if necessary.  You dont need to do anything if you are content with your order as is, and your meals will be ready for you on your chosen pickup/delivery day!
Prices vary!  We have no minimums so your order will depend on the meals you select plus tax.  We have FREE delivery if you choose to pickup at one of our many drop spots or a $10 home delivery with your own cooler or $12 with a loaner.
Macros and allergens are listed below each menu item.
A best taste by date is noted on the label, which is three days out from the prep date. Meals are made with the freshest ingredients available, and can be frozen if necessary.
Yes! The beauty of preparing fresh food twice weekly is that you spread out your delivery or pick up days to ensure absolute freshness. A “best taste by” date is indicated on the label.  This is a guideline as to when your meals have the best flavor.  At any point you may freeze your meals. Please defrost your meal in the refrigerator for 24 hours before re-heating.
Paleo To-Go is about convenience!  All of our meals are fully cooked and can be eaten as is!  Of course, you may prefer some of our meals served hot!  Everything on the menu is microwave reheat friendly. Simply pop the entire container, top and all, into the microwave for 2 minutes and voila!  Some dishes (meatballs) may take about 3 minutes because of their density.  The top will pop itself off during cooking but don’t panic and remove it, it is keeping all that yummy paleo moisture in!  If you have an entrée that contains a separate container of sauce, au jus, or salsa, simply remove before heating.

You can also reheat meals on the stove top by placing a tablespoon of Organic Coconut or Avocado oil in a non-stick sauté pan and heating over Medium-High heat.  Simply empty the contents of the dish into the hot pan and sauté for 3-5 minutes until warmed.