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“I train all day, and it’s tough for me to find time to meal prep and cook.
Paleo To-Go does the job for me, keeping me going throughout the day and between workouts with quick and easy, great tasting meals.
My favorites for lunch are the chicken salad and the Cajun bacon
sliders with sweet potatoes.
I’m actually having one as I’m writing this 🙂 Thank you Paleo to Go!!”

Ben Smith 2015 CrossFit Games Champion, Owner CrossFit Kryton

“I really like the meals and it’s definitely helping me achieve my fitness goals!”

“I have been using this service for about 2 months now and I have really loved it.  It has lowered the stress in the house because we dont need to meal prep for lunches anymore.  I have really loved the steak meals because my wife is afraid to cook steak and I love steak!”

“We are plugging along with Whole30 Reintroduction.  We really would NEVER had made it through the 30 days without Paleo To Go!  The chicken salad and chili were two of our “life-savers” for quick, statisfying meals.  Now that we have a little more flexibility, I LOVE the cinnamon zucchini muffins!”


“Thank you so much.  I’m going to miss the meals and service you have prided me in my temporary visit.  My wife and I have tried a couple companies to try the same service.  Their delivery competence is not there and food quality is not as high.  So I appreciate the service you provide.”

“I gotta admit one of the most exciting times of my week is looking at the upcoming Paleo To Go menu for the next week.  I love the surprise meals you throw in there to change it up a bit, but yet still have some of the favorites.  As simple as this may sound, it really makes my day.  Thank you for those little changes!!!”

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